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12 Science – Geology Field Trip to Rangitoto

Last week, the Year 12 Science class took a trip to Rangitoto as an opportunity to visit and learn more about the place as part of one of their assessments. The trip started off with a ferry ride from downtown Auckland to Rangitoto. On the island, the class had lucked out on the weather as the worst of it was a light drizzle. Going up the volcano students got a chance to see the area they were studying along with the opportunity to stop and look at information boards with information on Rangitoto and the stages of its formation during the eruption.

On the walk, we got to see rocks formed from the lava flows, walk the track up to the top, and see the succession of vegetation on the island. During the stops, students got to go into discussions with the teachers about their surroundings that most had only seen in photos. Highlights of the trip included going into caves that had been formed by lava and had lava once running through them. Another highlight was making it up the volcano’s cone and being able to get a view of the surrounding area from the very top, along with seeing buildings that were used during the world war.

As a student who went on the trip, having never been to Rangitoto before I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to see everything with my own eyes and have benefited from the trip by getting a greater understanding of the area, how it formed and how it has changed. Being able to take your own photos to use, study rocks and having interactive discussions with the class and teacher was a nice change from just looking at pictures in a classroom and I would recommend visiting if the opportunity ever comes.


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