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13 Outdoor Education: Climbing to success

The Year 13 Outdoor Ed classes have, over the past 6 weeks been working towards their 3.9 assessment – Devise Strategies for a Physical Activity Outcome.

The assessment involves the students going to Extreme Edge Rock Climbing Centre over a course of three trips where they challenge their goals to achieve a certain outcome each time. The students learn to belay their fellow peers, learn to climb different levels of intensity and apply techniques and strategies to their climb.

We created a training programme which we used during our Outdoor Ed class sessions in the gym to help become stronger and more skilled for when we return each time to Extreme Edge, these training programmes are then modified by each student to create a workout/training that will benefit them personally in achieving their goals.

With these training sessions, we hope to improve our climbing technique and our strength through grip, arms and legs. Personally, I have found that I have improved in my climbing since the first trip we took back in Week 3 of Term 2, and I have found each trip and the gym session to be beneficial and fun to have done in the past couple weeks.

We have now moved onto forming a report about how our climbing goals were either achieved or not and we are explaining what worked, what didn’t work and what we could have done instead to help achieve our goal. Overall I think on behalf of Year 13 Outdoor Ed I can say, we have all found this to be a great experience and not only helpful to our learning but brought us all closer together.

Ashley Dye

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