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Tick For Kids Campaign

Tick for Kids Campaign

On Tuesday morning 10 WB Social Studies attended the launch of the Tick for Kids' campaign at Rutherford Primary School. The 'Tick for Kids' campaign aims to raise awareness and spur action on important youth issues. Representatives from several political parties attended the event, including NZ First, National, Labour, and the Maori Party. Students asked these politicians questions about the issues they thought were important, including questions about mental health, education, the decile ranking system and pay equity for women. Students from both Rutherford Primary and Rutherford College were articulate, and represented their schools particularly well.

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1st XI Win at Tournament Week

The Rutherford College 1st XI football team kicked off their tournament in Hamilton against Kelston securing a 6-2 victory. We lead early with a great 30 metre strike from Nick Haggo and Callum McNeill added a second from the penalty spot before Antonio Bonkovich added a third to give the team a 3-0 lead at the interval. Dean Phommahaxay finished off some good play with a well-placed finish from the edge of the box early in the second half for a 4-0 lead. At this point Rutherford took their foot off the gas and Kelston seized back the ascendancy and…

Ten Things That Require Zero Talent

Ten things that require zero talent

These 10 things make a big difference to the development of character that people will trust and respect. They will enhance your brand image. Being on time Work ethic Effort & Energy Body Language Passion Doing Extra Being Prepared Being coachable Attitude Kindness

Te Mahi-a-Toi Academy Work Goes To Wellington

Te Mahi-a-Toi Academy work goes to Wellington

Year 12 and 13 students of Te Mahi-a-Toi Academy have entered pieces of their mahi(work) into an Art Expo (Ringa Toi Expo) in Wellington, run by NZQA. The Ringa Toi Expo runs from the 18th to the 21st of September. We are using a model marae that the students have been working on that measures 2m in length x 75cm in width x 60cm in height and a scale of 1:17. It is a collaboration of all the students’ mahi put into one piece of artwork. The marae is set up as a timeline on how Maori art was, to…

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