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Building Update

Building Update

UPDATE: There is an upgrade to Room 50, which is essentially used for teaching and not experiments. A bank of new computers has also been installed in one of the ICT rooms.

School Entrance – Student Safety Is Paramount

School Entrance – Student safety is paramount

Unfortunately, the school grounds are still being used by some as a drop off point for students in the morning.  From Monday, 26 February, a barrier will be put in place to prevent any access to the top carpark from 8:10am to 8:40am. This restriction also extends to staff that have a designated carpark in this area. At the end of the school day entry and exit from the school grounds will be restricted between 3:00pm and 3:20pm. A barrier will be placed at the entrance to the school to prevent vehicle access either in or out. This 20 minute…

Phone And Tablet Use

Phone and tablet use

As part of our D4L (Devices for Learning) initiative in school, students are welcome to use their device in their classroom lessons when it is the context of supporting their learning. Staff have the discretion to allow students to use devices for a particular task in their classroom. We prefer students to use a recommended device which is a tablet or chromebook with a screen size of 7 inches or more. This permission is indicated by the teacher putting a “green dot”  on the board indicating that devices are allowed. If there is no “green dot” all phones and devices…


A spine tingling haka is what greeted Dr Ralph Pim and I when we entered the school hall on Monday morning. The haka was performed with such passion and pride that it was clear to see that we were in the presence of some of great junior and senior Rutherford Colleges leaders. Being an international frontrunner in leadership development Ralph said that although he had only made a handful of visits to Rutherford he has seen huge amounts of growth within the students in understanding what it takes to be a great leader. He said that the great work that…

Swimming Sports 2018

Swimming Sports 2018

Take your marks, starting gun fires, SPLASH. Over 120 students hit the water last week to have some fun and compete in the Annual School Swimming Sports. The sun made an appearance for most of the day with all of the races going ahead. Students splashed, glided, kicked and fought from end to end gaining house points and satisfaction.The biggest of the races was the 1L Freestyle which had over 20 competitors in each of the heats. The strongest house this year was Tama-nui-te-rā (yellow) followed by Tāne Mahuta (green) and Ruaumoko. The highlight of the day was the Student…

Athletics Day 2018

Athletics Day 2018

On Wednesday 14th February, the whole school took part in the annual Athletics Day. The weather definitely played its part on the day, not too hot or cold and the rain stayed away until later in the afternoon. The day began with a Haka competition between the houses followed by a whole school performance. House rivalry was evident in the noisy and enthusiastic atmosphere but it was Tāne Mahuta (green) that took the title of the Haka, winning a massive 150 points, followed by Tama-nui-te-rā (yellow) gaining 100 points and Ruaumoko (red) winning 50. Student leaders did a great job…

Year 9 & 10 Cyber Bulling Seminars

Year 9 & 10 Cyber Bulling seminars

This week all of our year 9 students were involved a in a session with our Community Constable, Paul Stanko, on cyber bullying.  Students discussed the risks of some online behaviours and how to keep themselves safe. This is timely as it is also the current topic in their health curriculum lessons. by Moira Kopittke

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Scholars’ Assembly 2018

At today’s ceremony students were acknowledged for achieving NCEA Levels 1, 2 or 3 endorsed with either merit or excellence in 2017. This means that a minimum of 50 of the credits attained are at merit or excellence level. We also acknowledge today those who gained individual subject scholarships. Merit endorsed certificates will receive a silver academic Kotuku Badge and those endorsed with excellence will receive the higher award; a blue academic Kotuku Badge. Success in a scholarship is recognised with the awarding of a scholars tie and names being added to the roll of honour. Of the 2017 Year…

Principal’s Panui – 9th February

Principal’s Panui – 9th February

Welcome to those who are new to the Rutherford Whanau and community and welcome back to those we know already. Thank you to all families for entrusting the care of your sons and daughters with us. A strong rope starts with just a few threads The message for the start of the year to our various year groups can be summarised as follows. Success in life in simplistic terms “work hard, be nice, good things happen.” Striving for Personal Excellence Tohea Striving for personal excellence is all about little positive steps in the right direction repeated often. Mahi tahi or working hard on…

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