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2019 Sports Committee

It has been an action-packed sporting term here at our college with lots of events and competitions happening throughout the school.

Behind the scenes of our major sporting events are the Rutherford College Sports committee members who have been working tirelessly to provide opportunities for all our students. Being a committee member is time-consuming but definitely gives them a sense of achievement. The students all share their enthusiasm for sport, helping others to participate and strengthen school life.

Being a member of this committee requires dedication and passion; each member brings a unique perspective to group. The committee is comprised of students from years 11-13 and is headed by our tireless Sports Captains, Abby Ferrall and Harrison Chapman who provide mature stability to the group.

Earlier in the year, the Sports Committee took part in a leadership program at Adventure Works at UNITEC, where the emphasis was to place as much “ownership” on the students as possible and provide skills to allow the group forming process. Many members were new to the committee but by the end of the day, great friendships and a tight bond were formed within the committee. This has enhanced their own personal growth and made each member able to make a valuable contribution and involvement in the operation of sports at the college.

The Sports Committee has organised and successfully run the School swimming, athletics and cross-country events which saw them being committed to being at school in the early hours to ensure everything was prepared.

The Sports committee was also effective in conducting an Intra-Tutor class lunchtime competition for the Year 9 students. Participation rate exceeded expectations and one of the contributing factors behind this success was the effort, energy, and encouragement that our students brought to each and every person who attended the session.

Selected students from the sports committee will be delivering a TLC (Talent, Leadership, and Character) leadership workshop, to students at Te Atatu Intermediate School.  This involves six workshops based around the needs of their school’s values and tailored to meet the understanding and interest of intermediate school students.

In addition, committee members have been involved in the organisation of community events including, Rutherford Primary athletics day, Western Zone Primary Schools’ athletics day as well as a Special Olympics athletics day. Overall, Term 1 has been extremely busy but very successful for the Sports Committee and the school. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every member for their continued commitment and dedication to helping others achieve their goals. Bring on Term 2!

Sports Committee Members:
Sports Captains: Abby Ferrall, Harrison Chapman

Deputy Sports Captains: Eliana Brooking, Darnae Brown, TJ Devery, Mace Ediss

Sports Committee members:
Kaya Smith, Scarlett Ferrall, Briana Puckett, Arielle Schwalger,  Asma Uddin, Rhys Wikitera, Ezra Natoealofa, Hayden Richard- Marsters, Brad Atwell, Awais Choudhary, Eden Hatalafale, Paige Skinner, Sophie Vlasic, Mulyani Muroso, Gabriel Ge Guzman, Lily Harris, Rina Brown, Mitchell Callaghan, Sebastyn Jack, Joseph Fraser, Adam McGruther, Isaac Hewett- Kaulima, Brook Pickering and Johnnie Richard- Marsters.

Don’t forget to pass on your appreciation for their efforts if you see them around the school!

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