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Principal’s Panui – 22 February 2019

Principal’s Panui – 22 February 2019

At junior assembly this week, as well as presenting the awards to the successful houses and athletes from Athletics Day, I spoke with our students about the Triple Filter Test and the need to check and verify what it is they have seen or heard before passing it on. Please keep this philosophy in mind the next time you may hear something or are about to repeat, a rumor or something read or seen on social media. Never assume that what you have heard is true, the word assume as they say, often makes an “ass out of u and…

High Jump
High Jump
Long Jump
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IMG 20190218 105140
High Jump Throw Long Jump IMG 20190218 105301 IMG 20190218 105421 IMG 20190218 104940 IMG 20190218 105140

Athletics Day 2019

On Wednesday, 13 February Rutherford College took to the field for another successful athletics day. The whole school arrived to sunshine and positive vibes for the fun day ahead. The day began with the Haka competition between the houses and then a whole school Haka. The performances put on made it a hard task for the judges to decide the winner but it was Ruaumoko who took the winning points, followed closely behind by Tama-nui-te-ra and then Tane Mahuta. Next up was the judging of the banner competition for each tutor group. There were joint winners for this competition with…

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IMG 1514
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My Tokyo Exchange

At the end of last year, we found out that three of our students had been selected by AUT and Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education to go on a 12-day exchange program to Tokyo, Japan. Sam White On the 8 December 2018, Jonathon Brouwer (13LP), Milli Phillips (12WI), and I started our trip to Japan as a part of AUT’s Japanese Experience Programme. We were selected together with 14 other students from New Zealand to be part of this exciting experience. We were individually sent to different suburbs of Tokyo, Mitaka, Hakuou, and Machida for a total of 12 days. We…

20190219 145301
20190219 145301
Drag 10
Y10 D
20190219 145301 Drag 10 Y10 D

Learning Adaptations with Live Animals

The year 10 Science students have been learning about adaptations. This was literally brought to life! The students got to study and handle a live bearded dragon, water dragon, leopard gecko, snake neck turtle and got to look at axolotls. It was a lesson to remember and the students gained valuable knowledge about adaptations of animals.

Principal’s Panui – 15 February 2019

Principal’s Panui – 15 February 2019

At Rutherford Ko te korero te kai a te rangatira. We understand that words are the food of chiefs or leaders. People who display respect, whakaute and take personal responsibility manaakitanga choose their words and their actions carefully and by default choose to be positive. This creates energy, at Rutherford we value energy creators, we don’t value energy vampires. What does an energy creator or someone who displays respect sound like? At Rutherford we say please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. Common courtesy is a key ingredient in the development of a strong character and helps establish and retain…

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Scholars’ Assembly – Celebrating Our 2018 Academic Success

On Friday, 15 February Rutherford held the 2019 Scholars' Assembly. Scholars' Assembly recognises students who have achieved NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 endorsed with Merit or Excellence in 2018. It also celebrates students that were successful in their scholarship examinations. Our 2018 Year 13 students delivered wonderful results on their NZ Scholarship Exams. Reuben He is one of only 46 students in New Zealand to receive an Outstanding Scholar Award. Reuben achieved six Scholarships with three of these within the "Outstanding" level. Reuben will receive $5,000 towards his tertiary study each year for three years. Daniel Quach has earned…

20180609 135238 (1)
20180609 135238 (1)
20180522 194410
20180609 135238 (1) 20180522 194410

Cartoon Animation, Barista, Puppy Obedience, Maori Carving and 100’s of other Adult classes

You’re never too old to learn, and learning in the relaxed atmosphere of Community Education is very beneficial.  All of our tutors are qualified in teaching adults, many of them specialists in their particular fields. Community Education began at Rutherford in 1973 and now, more than forty years later, of the 212 schools nationwide that offered night classes, we’re one of only 15 remaining. Our continuing survival has been largely dependent on the ongoing support of Principal, Gary Moore and the Rutherford College Board of Trustees for demonstrating their conviction in the importance of keeping life-long learning available within our…

Welcome To The Rutherford College Library And Information Commons

Welcome to the Rutherford College Library and Information Commons

Come on in and check out all the great things your library has to offer! Epic databases, magazines, games, computers, great books and of course your awesome librarians Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Wilson :-)!dashboard Where are you heading with your life? Each direction is good if there is a library along the way. - Anonymous When in doubt go to the library. - J.K. Rowling


Dragon Boating Training

The Dragon Boating season for 2019 kicked off immediately following a hot Athletics Day on Wednesday, 13 February. The first training boat comprised of a mixture of experienced and new paddlers under the expert guidance of our esteemed coach, Jean. They couldn’t have asked for more glorious conditions to start the season off. There was excitement and adrenaline as the boat paddled out and a sense of achievement and team bonds emerging upon return. If you think this sounds like fun, there is still time for students to sign up so that we can continue to build on the golden…

Treaty Of Waitangi

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand’s founding document. It takes its name from the place in the Bay of Islands where it was first signed, on 6 February 1840. The Treaty is an agreement, in Māori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Māori rangatira (chiefs). Come into the library and have a look at our Treaty of Waitangi display to learn more.

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