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Keeping Our Cycling Students Safe To And From School.

Keeping our cycling students safe to and from school.

Accidents can and do happen and the chance of the damage being minimised or substantially mitigated against are enhance when a correctly fitted and worn helmet is used. A correctly fitted helmet strung over the handle bars will have no impact on minimising injury, so if you have one, wear it. If you don’t have one get one. At Rutherford we have clear expectation that all staff and students who ride bikes to school need to wear a helmet as per the laws of the land. It is also expected that students on bikes although they may not have sat…

Principal’s Panui – 22 March 2019

Principal’s Panui – 22 March 2019 Mentoring Barriers to Progress Not having a work plan/goal. Absence from class/ Late to class. Leads to a lack of motivation to do the work needed. Lack of work submission on a timely basis to get feedback. False expectations of how much work you can get completed to catch up in Term 3 and Term 4, or in the last few days before an assessment is due. It’s all about little steps in the right direction and building good habits. It’s about striving for personal excellence and being better today than you were yesterday every day. It’s about never…

Kea 3rd Podium
Kea 3rd Podium
Niko 3rd Shot Put
Harry 1500m 2
Hannah Long Jump
Marissa Triple Jump
Bash 100m 2
Shot Put  Nakita
Niko 3rd Shot Put
Kea And Marissa
Jacob, Hannah, Ezra And Bash
Kea 3rd Podium Niko 3rd Shot Put Harry 1500m 2 Hannah Long Jump Marissa Triple Jump Bash 100m 2 Nakita Shot Put  Nakita Niko 3rd Shot Put Kea And Marissa Jacob, Hannah, Ezra And Bash

Auckland Athletics Championship

On Wednesday, 20 March we had 9 students represent Rutherford College in the Auckland Athletics Championships. It was a long day for some of our students but that didn’t stop them having a fun day out. First up for the day was Hannah Taylor with her intermediate girls Long Jump, she finished a great 4th just missing out on the bronze medal, she also competed in the high jump in the evening. We then had Sebasytan Jack racing in the 200 meter heats. He ran a superb race getting him into the finals. He also competed in the 100 meters…

P1030583 P1030584

Wrestling Tournament

Congratulations to the 15 Rutherford wrestlers who competed at the Novice Wrestling tournament on Monday, 18 March 2019. For most of them this was their first taste of wrestling and after the initial nerves settled they put on some spectacular matches. Some highlights were included Josef Chan Tung, Israfil Rizal, Keisha Togo and especially Jury De’von Reedy who had 6 tough encounters. Apart from a sprained ankle all left in good shape and keen for the Auckland Secondary School Champs on Thursday, 28 March. Coach Jo Wilkinson was very excited by the natural talent on show and said "that with…

Concorde 1
Concorde 1
Concorde 1

Concorde – A Plane ahead of its Time

The Concorde, the first supersonic passenger-carrying commercial airplane (or supersonic transport, SST). The Concorde made its first transatlantic crossing on September 26, 1973, and it inaugurated the world’s first scheduled supersonic passenger service on January 21, 1976 With a cruising altitude of 19,812 metres (65,000 feet) – nearly twice the height of other airliners – and a speed of 1345.6mph (more than twice the speed of sound) Concorde flew 100 souls higher and faster than modern fighter jets, making the journey from London to New York in just three and a half hours. Come to the library to learn more…

Central Western Zone Swimming

Central Western Zone Swimming

We had 17 students representing Rutherford College at West Wave on Monday, 18 March for the Central Western Zones. There were large numbers of swimmers at this event battling it out in the water in a very tough competition. The events began at 10am as the competitors took to the pool rearing to go, although slightly nervous with a lot of serious swimmers competing. The butterfly was up first and Andrew Young finished 4th overall in the intermediate boys he also came 4th in the intermediate boys freestyle. The backstroke was the third stroke of the day and we had…

Senior Boys
Senior Boys
Year 9 Boys
Senior Girls
Year 10 Girls
Year 10 Boys
Year 9 Girls
Senior Boys Year 9 Boys Senior Girls Year 10 Girls Year 10 Boys Year 9 Girls

Cross Country

On Friday, 15 March our Rutherford College students raced over and under obstacles and up and down bumps in the 2k cross country course at Te Atatu Pony Club. First up we had the Year 9 girls, they started out in big numbers before separating out as they made it further around the fun course. Coming around the last bend it was Ishani Kumar and Jessica Williams battling it out, Ishani took the win with Jessica just behind, followed closely by Heina Navosa. The Year 9 boys was another large group ready to take on the course. Jesse Schwalger created…

Principal’s Panui – 15 March 2019

Principal’s Panui – 15 March 2019

How do we beat the stinking thinking? Are we saying that we can’t do something or that there is just too much to do and I don’t know where to start? I believe it doesn’t matter what it is, the following is designed to help beat any stinking thinking. To be able to get rid of the white noise that can sometimes cloud anybody’s thinking.  To be able to get to a position where you can see the next step forward. Sometimes remember it is all about the next step and not the finish line. Remember that everyone has stress…

Kids 2
RP13 RP11 RP7 RP6 RP5 RP2 Kids 2 Kids RP9 RP10 RP

Rutherford Primary Athletics Day

On Tuesday, 6 March Rutherford Primary School had the privilege of being hosted by Rutherford College for the annual whole school athletics day. We started the day off with baby shark, which got us all up and in the mood to move. The Rutherford College students then hosted traditional track and field events, alongside Get Set Go activities supported by Sport Waitakere. It was a solid 5 hours of jam packed goodness. We would especially like to thank Gill Bloxham ( Activator and Rutherford College Sports Director) and the Rutherford College students for their planning, communication, sharing of gear, set…

International Womans Day

International Womans Day

Rutherford College students attended the Young Women’s Focus Group Hui that was hosted at the Henderson Council Chambers for International Women’s Day. The students engaged in thoughtful conversations and all contributed to the overall feedback. Valuable insights were gained into what students see as positive aspects of sport and physical activities within schools as well as perceived barriers that they need to overcome. Here is Abby's view on the day: One of the top reasons why women don’t compete in sport in secondary schools is their fear of being judged by others based on their appearance and their ability in…

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