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Principal’s Panui – 12 April 2019

Principal’s Panui – 12 April 2019

The people we surround ourselves with raise or lower our ability to strive for personal excellence. They either help us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be or unfortunately, some if we are not careful, might create the reverse. We often become like our friends, our chosen peer group. No person becomes great on their own. The people you surround yourself with and fly in a ‘V’ formation alongside, either give you greater flying power or they provide drag which limits how far and high you can fly. Are the people that you choose to surround…

Calling all Prospective Rutherford College Board of Trustees

2019 is a year for the triennial election process for state schools in New Zealand.  As part of our Rutherford College process, we wish to gather together interested people to inform them as to the roles, responsibilities, and expectation of a trustee on the Rutherford College Board. We invite any whanau interested to a pre-nomination Hui on Wednesday, 8 May in the staff room at 6:45 pm. The roles and responsibilities will be outlined along with the hopes and aspirations, and the current vision and direction of the school from a board of trustee’s perspective. At this forum a number…

12 2 Tong2 Tong3 Tong1

Level Two Geography Tongariro Fieldtrip

Geography without field trips has been described as being like science without experiments. Fieldwork makes Geography come to life, it puts everything into context in glorious 3D and helps students really grasp how Geography literally shapes the world around us. Equally, field trips provide opportunities for teachers to build strong relationships with their students, and also students to bond together through shared experiences and a ‘concentrated’ experience. This, in turn, can only benefit student engagement with both the subject and the school. For many students, field trips provide those incredible experiences which are a fundamental part of their school memories.…

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Studio Show

Over three nights from 3-5 April, Rutherford’s dance department kicked off the year with their first studio show, Zones. With both juniors and seniors combining their talents came an hour long masterpiece of a compilation of performances - supervised by our amazing dance teacher, Miss Exeter - that were individually short and sharp yet leaving the crowd wanting more. As a special event of our final night, our beloved Kapa Haka team, Te Kotuku performed their stunning piece in preparation for the rescheduled Polyfest which is most definitely going to secure them a spot at the Kapa Haka national stage.…

Get 2 Go Challenge

Get 2 Go Challenge

On Tuesday, 2 April William Hempleman, Josh Manning, Sam Oram, and Tilak Patel got together along with their bikes, compass, and survival pack and got our coordinates to head to Mangere Bridge. This was all part of the Get 2 Go challenge run through Hillary Outdoors. The team of four started their day with a briefing about what to expect for their 3-hour challenge. They were provided with a map and sent on their way with the bikes. As a team, they had to work together using the map to find as many marked checkpoints throughout the Mangere Bridge area.…

Tennis Champ of Champs

On Tuesday, 2 April Eric Choi represented Rutherford in the Auckland Tennis Champ of Champs at Scarbro Tennis Centre. He was up against the top student tennis players in Auckland. Eric competed in the Intermediate Boy’s Singles. He won his first game with a great 9-3 score and this got him through to the next round but unfortunately, his next opponent was strong and it was a tough game. Eric really enjoyed this experience and deserves a massive congratulations for competing in this event.

Boys Waka Ama
Boys Waka Ama
Girls 2
Girls Team Photo
Boys Team Photo
Boys Waka Ama Girls 2 Girls Team Photo Boys Team Photo

Waka Ama National Secondary School Championships

Rutherford College had twelve students; Brook Pickering, Johnnie Richard-Marsters, Gianni Watene, Adrian Pakinga, Brodie Bennett, Nicolas Fruean, Bella Day, Nakita Ru, Eryka Chand, Paris Pickering, Missy Aramoana, Nadia Pakinga, who travelled to Rotorua for the Waka Ama National Secondary School Championships. This event was held over four days, from 25-29 March. The girls competed in the W6 under 16 Girls Division. There were 80 other teams in their age division and they did exceptionally well for their first time competing in this sport. They progressed into the championships semi-final for the 500m turns race, and progressed to the plate final…

Dragon Boating Regatta

On Sunday, 23 March 2019 following six weeks of training in the summer sun at the Auckland Viaduct, 40 Rutherford students arrived at school in the early morning darkness in order to head off to Luke Pupuke to compete in the Auckland Dragon Boating Association’s Secondary School Regatta. It would be nice to say that the day dawned bright and clear, but unfortunately, this year we were not so lucky. As the bus crossed the Auckland Harbour Bridge just after 6.30am, the rain started. By the time we had unpacked and put up the Rutherford gazebo, it was fair to…

Thank You To Hot Spring Spas New Zealand Limited

Thank you to Hot Spring Spas New Zealand Limited

As part of the fundraising for the 2020 Europe Football Tour, Gerry Miller managed to get a hot spring spa donated to the fund. Gerry along with his son Aidan will be coming on the tour to Spain, France, and England. The spa pool was sold at the Annual Sale at the Albany store on Saturday. It raised over $5000 for the tour group funds and will be put towards the funding of the playing and travel uniform kit for the 32 tourists heading off in April 2020. Our thanks to Gerry and all the staff at Hot Spring for their…

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