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Principal’s Panui – Friday, 13 December 2019

Principal’s Panui – Friday, 13 December 2019

Kia ora te whanau, The following is a condensed or adjusted version of what I shared with our staff on their last day. My intention with sharing this with the wider community is the hope that something in here may resonate for all of you. Thank you all for your commitment and kindness you have displayed to our rangatahi. 2019 has been a very good year where the spirit in the school I believe has been wonderful. To achieve this, it takes the work of the collective and I appreciate all that you have done in your respective spaces, to…

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2019 Year 9 Prizegiving

Congratulations to all students honoured at prizegiving on Wednesday, 11 December. We gathered as a school to celebrate and honour the academic achievement of our Year 9 and 10 students. Students who have excelled this year, will not have done so due to any individual factor or reason. It will as always be a collision of reasons, not least the number of people who have supported them, providing advice and guidance, kindness and care. This starts with families and whanau, extends to teachers, friends, coaches and various other people throughout our community who have added value to our student’s experiences.…

Turangawaewae Whanau Prizegiving

Tūrangawaewae had a lovely evening on Tuesday, 10 December, celebrating the graduation of two very successful students Shalveen Dutt and Linda Kulu. Both students have enrolled into further study and work opportunities, stepping successfully into the next phase of their lives. We had 88% of the expected Whanau turn out to support the celebration. Positive feedback based on the open communication was received from parents. A parent used "awesome, happy, lovely, kind and thoughtful" to describe the staff. It was a wonderful opportunity for the Tūrangawaewae Staff and our Principal to meet and celebrate with whanau the achievements of our…

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Wider Living Week 2019

Students enjoyed four days of adventuring, exploring, playing, learning and making new friends during a very successful Wider Living Week. Students chose from a wide range of differing activities organised and run by our staff. We were lucky enough to have four days of (mostly) great weather, giving students and staff the perfect opportunity to make the most of this unique experience. All in all it was a fantastic week, enjoyed my all.

Amazig Mayzie
Amazig Mayzie
Biggest Blame Fool
How To Raise A Child
Monkey Around
Notice Me Horton
Oh The Thinks
Solla Sollew
Amazig Mayzie Biggest Blame Fool How To Raise A Child Monkey Around Notice Me Horton Oh The Thinks Solla Sollew

Seussical the Musical – Junior Production

Seussical the Musical is based on the creative world of Dr Seuss. It follows of the story of Horton hears a Who, an elephant believes he can hear voices on a speck of dust. His belief " a person is a person, no matter how small" created trouble for himself as no one believes him. It also featured the Cat in the Hat and The Grinch.  A show that has a wonderful mix of humour, mischief and love. The cast and crew worked hard during Wider Living Week to make sure we could get the show ready for an audience.…

Principal’s Panui – 6 December 2019

Principal’s Panui – 6 December 2019

The 3P’s or Pillars of Success I have a firm belief in establishing strong foundations and that success is built on many little steps in the right direction and adopting a growth mindset. To support this is also a belief in the 3P’s or pillars. The first of these P’s or pillars is People: The essence of strong foundations is relationships with people. People and positive relationships must always remain a priority and are an integral part of people being successful. It is important to surround ourselves with people who have good gut instincts based on our Rutherford core values…

2020 School Donation

2020 School Donation

The Board of Trustees of Rutherford College has opted into the Ministry of Education Donation Scheme for 2020. This means the school will not be requesting a contribution to the 2020 School Donation. However, there will be fees for overnight trips, sport, cultural activities and subjects with a take-home component. The school also will be asking for a voluntary contribution for some subjects and trips. These will be treated as a donation and you can claim a credit from the IRD. Parents and Caregivers can pay through the Kamar Portal, via internet banking 12 3038 0270894 000 ref: students name…

Wresting 1
Wresting 1
Wrestling 5
Wrestling 3
Wresting 1 Wrestling 5 Wrestling 3


During the last few weeks of school, our students were given the chance to do something a little different in their PE lessons. Olympic Wrestling coach, Clinton Terry, a professional coach based at Club Physical Te Atatu, came along to the school to pass on his expertise. This was offered to a few Junior PE classes as an alternative activity on the back of sessions that were run for Rutherford Primary schools students. The Primary school students came across to our Gym to "Have a go" with Clinton 3 times per week, and we were lucky enough to keep him…

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