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Winter Sports

After a forced interruption in sport caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, our students are happy to know that the school winter sports season is back in full swing with a huge number enjoying the competition. Given the green light, the gym doors have been sprung open, padlocks removed, playing fields opened and the hearing of whistles being blown seems to have reignited the students desire to engage in sports. Our senior students will certainly be loving being back with their teammates, as this will be one last shot for many to wear the Kotuku on their chest. Although this period…

Auckland Secondary Schools Ultimate Frisbee Competition

Sunday, 26 July saw Auckland's largest-ever Ultimate Frisbee tournament take place in the Pulman Arena, Papakura. Rutherford competed as a mixed team in the 4-a-side competition in the highest competitive division. The Rutherford team kept their spirits and motivation high - all while demonstrating great sportsmanship and sharing the Rutherford love around. The squad of 12 players did their best throughout the tournament and thoroughly enjoyed getting into the true spirit of ultimate frisbee. The Rutherford team looks forward to competing in more competitions this year. The teams playing at the tournament showed me that not only had each individual…

Y13 Photography Student’s Work on Display in Auckland!

Budding Year 13 photography student - Faith Tan, entered the 'Nikon Photo Day' competition last year and one of her photographs is now on display in Auckland central city. The competition was held on Saturday, 8 June 2019, and was open to anyone in Auckland. For one day only Aucklanders are asked to capture an image which reflected their Auckland. Faith entered 3 photographs, and her photo 'Cut in Half' was in the top 30 best photographs. It is now on display on billboards in Beresford Square with the other winners.

Student Volunteers

Students are certainly a predominant source of volunteers for our local sporting community and without them, many sports and the number of teams we can enter would definitely be more restricted. The connections and relationships being built between our local primary and intermediate school through our student volunteers continue to strengthen trust and social cohesion. I cannot stress enough the importance and gratitude we have for this and I would personally like to thank the following students for their continuous support helping at our Primary and Intermediate netball field days. Without this unwavering support, we would truly struggle. Jahnay Wilson…

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