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Self Defence and Jiu- Jitsu lessons with Kauan Gracie

Recently the Rutherford College Junior Girls have been given the opportunity to learn boxing, although today we tried something new and had the opportunity to do a 2-hour workshop learning about Jiu-Jitsu and self-defence. Kauan Gracie, a descendant of the founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is passionate about young girls, in particular, feeling safe and comfortable in their own bodies and believes Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to start. Kauan taught us the three key parts of Jiu-Jitsu and general safety: awareness, reflex, and reaction, along with a couple of simple yet effective self-defence moves that…

Memories Book 2020

Memories Book 2020 is available for purchasing NOW! The book is available to all students. The cost is $10, please make payment at the Accounts Office. Year 13 photos and yearbook quotes, tutor class photos, cultural & sports photos & more.

Peer Mentoring Graduation

The Peer Mentors have had a challenging year keeping continuity and building relationships with the year 9 students during a disruptive schooling year. None the less, they have successfully achieved this. Each peer mentoring group awarded year 9 students in their classes an award of excellence for their contribution to the program and the class over the year. These students, oblivious to them, then had to stand up in front of everyone and award the peer mentors their graduation certificates. The year 9 students were amazing and they spoke with confidence and praise for the program. This is always a…

Junior Girls Volleyball – Auckland Champs 2020

It was decided that we would take the junior girls volleyball team to compete in the Auckland Championships this year but not the boys. The girls just seemed more ready and the depth from both the Year 9 and Year 10 teams seemed good. As always, the first round of games were grading games. According to the seedings, we were supposed to lose more than we won in this first round. As it turns out, this was exactly what happened. To be honest, we should have won a few games that seemed to slip away from us in the final…

Memories Book 2020

Memories Book 2020 is available from Monday, 23 November. The book is available to all students. The cost is $10, please make payment at the Accounts Office. Year 13 photos and yearbook quotes, tutor class photos, cultural & sports photos & more.

Important Dates – Term 4 2020

Here is a heads up on some of the events and important dates for Term 4, 2020 16 November to 9 December | NCEA Exams 23 November | Junior Exams (during normal school) 4 December | School Ball 7 December | Year 9 Big Day Out 8 December | Year 10 Big Day Out 9 December | Senior Prizegiving starts at 6:30pm 10 December | Junior Prizegiving starts at 10:30am 10 December | Last Day of 2020      

Aunty Gail Retiring – The farewell of a legend

On Wednesday, 11 November a special assembly occurred where staff, students and whanau both past and present gathered in the school hall to say a heartfelt thank you and goodbyes to our wonderful Gail Paul also known to many Aunty Gail. She works tirelessly to support her students to be the best version of themselves and has shown faith and belief in them when they themselves have stopped believing. She is the master of the home visit to whanau to bridge the gap between home and school and her compassion for people is relentless. Aunty Gail is the prototype of…

Basketball- Battle of the Bridges

On Saturday, 7 November the evening saw our very own Odessa Lawson participate in the Secondary School girls’ basketball Battle of the Bridge that was held at St Mary’s College. She was part of the eventual winning City team that beat the Shore team 81 – 64. There was a good crowd in attendance for what will hopefully become an annual celebration of girl’s high school basketball. As a run-down on the game, the Shore team jumped out to a double-figure lead at the mid-point of the first quarter, however, City worked their way back into the contest at the…

Anna Receives a Certification of Appreciation

Anna proudly showed us the certificate she had received for her hard work as a library monitor throughout 2020. Despite the uncertainty of the year, Anna continued to do her duties with diligence. She said she enjoyed volunteering during her lunch time and helping in shelving, stamping, labeling and scanning books. It was so pleasing to see Anna being one of four students recognised for her dedication to her duties.

Senior Excellence Awards

On Wednesday, 28 October we were fortunate to celebrate the school’s Senior Excellence Awards 2020. With the disruptions of this year, it was pleasing to acknowledge the resilience of our students, staff and community volunteers that have been involved with the school. The School Hall looked a vision with the poster size photos of our students, performing their skills, garnishing the walls. The lighting and table arrangements setting the scene, and finally the award winners and their families in attendance. This evening was created to recognise, as best as possible, a number of great contributions and achievements of our senior…

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