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Adult & Community Education is Thriving

People are continuing to attend night classes at Rutherford for many different reasons. Out of the 1000+ students that attended over 100+ term 1 classes, some were looking for a bit of ‘me’ time away from the responsibilities of work and family to reconnect with themselves and enjoy some adult companionship. For others, night classes offer the chance to express themselves creatively or artistically, perhaps picking up a hobby they felt passionately about when they were younger but felt unable to pursue because of different choices or commitments. This renewed interest can lead to a whole new career or to advanced study at a tertiary level.

Learning a new skill or craft generates a sense of achievement and can have a beneficial effect not just for the individual but for their family and community as well, and courses such as sewing, gardening, dog obedience, woodwork, or guitar all provide this opportunity.

Community Education courses are inexpensive, short, and conveniently close to home and their timing, in evenings and weekends makes them accessible for adults with busy daytime lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from a night class, why not collect a brochure from our office or visit our website and encourage them back into life-long learning.

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