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Adult Community Education – Where adults can succeed!

People are still taking advantage of the affordable learning opportunities that we offer for many reasons. Some to connect with others and “stay engaged,” some to achieve personal goals to better themselves, their family and their community; some to explore new horizons and some to upskill for employment and career visions.Recently, a student attending our pottery class said “Your community education is a lifeline for me and probably many others. The courses have helped me to get back into the community, meet new people, form friendships and along the way learn great art skills.”  On arrival to NZ, another student, Sun Hye realised that in order to help new migrants and be the best parent she could be, she needed to improve her English. She started her educational journey attending ESOL classes, then she achieved her NCEA and completed the TESOL programme. Now she volunteers and is teaching others.Another student, needing help to achieve his career goal with the NZ Fire Service, attended night school at Rutherford College so that he could pass the academic test requirements. Robert was very successful, and has now achieved his life’s ambition of being a firefighter and is inspiring other young people to do the same.When compared to other community activities, ACE would likely have one of the highest added values in economic terms, as it is largely focused on improving people’s productive lives through learning’ and that can’t be a bad thing.Learning is not a privilege for the young alone and the quest for knowledge ceases only when one dies.Check out our courses and have a go at something new!

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