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African Group

The African group of 2019 celebrated the culture of 54 African nations through traditional song and dance, with a modernised twist.

Dance moves like the Gwara Gwara from South Africa, and the Shaku from Nigeria, were performed with passion and sass to reflect the popular afro trends throughout Africa. The African group this year prided itself on making our performance something different from any previous, so after many after school and late night practices, we finally achieved our goal; A unique blend of modern and traditional African dance.

On March 22, the African group got a chance to perform in front of the whole school, and needless to say the energy was so hyped, that is was near impossible for neither the audience or us to not have blinding smiles on our faces.

I can proudly say that the African group is reflective of the diverse nature of our school, and it was an honor to do the African community proud.

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