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Welcome to the Rutherford College Alumni Page

Rutherford College is working hard to develop an Alumni with the aim of remaining in contact with a wide cross section of past students and staff.

Maintaining the history of the school is such an important part of acknowledging who we are and where we’ve come from. Rutherford College has come a long way since 1961 when the first pupils stepped onto the site. Being part of the Rutherford College Alumni is a great way to stay in touch with your old friends and to keep updated on the progress of the school.

Once we establish a database, there are plans to hold events throughout the year to celebrate and honour past students and/or staff. Tell us what events you are interested in when you register here.

60th Reunion Photos

Tell us your story

We know there are some amazing ex-Rutherford students doing fabulous things out there and we’d like you to share your story with us. Drop us a line to tell us your story and don’t forget to include some great photos of you and what you are doing, wherever you are in the world.

Leave Your Legacy

Have your own Kotuku flying in V formation on our legacy wall in the brand new Wellbeing Centre that is currently being built.

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