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Amazing Race

On Monday, 10 June Rutherford College hosted the first Community Of Learning (COL)  Amazing Race.” This event brought together around 100 students from Te Atatu Intermediate, Rangeview Intermediate, and Rutherford College.

The main motivation for this event was to engage students in recreational activity based on fun and enjoyment with an element of competition.

Teams embarked on a trek around Te Atatu Peninsula. At each destination, teams completed a challenge before being given their next clue. The challenges the teams encountered were designed to test a variety of skills and teamwork.

Many thanks to the staff (from each school) and the community who supported this event, without this, the event would not have been a success. Congratulations to Rutherford College having one of their teams coming in first.

Here is an article from students from Te Atatu Intermediate.

The Amazing Race
The amazing race was a fun, adrenaline pumping experience. We learned to work as a team and be creative in the obstacles we faced. The challenges we encountered were brain teasing and made us think outside the box. We had to find our way around Rutherford to get the clues, memorise and perform a dance, solve riddles and puzzles, we also had to busk for money and interact with locals.

We were organised into groups within our schools and then put into countries (Jamaica, USA, England). We were paired with a year 12 student from Rutherford, TJ, to guide us around the Peninsula. He was very helpful and had a fun and inviting personality. TJ and our team had a great time doing the amazing race.

Overall we had an amazing experience: we gained knowledge, creativity, confidence and built teamwork throughout the race. We would definitely recommend this to all students. It was extremely nice seeing all the schools in the area all together having fun. Thank you Rutherford College for organising this amazing event that I’m sure everybody enjoyed.

Written by Ava Boyt and Madison Wadsley

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