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American History through Black Eyes Student Day

Imagine having to go to school surrounded be heavily armed paratroopers to protect you.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957, this was the reality for nine black students who wanted to attend the local white high school.

When the Arkansas State government sought to maintain segregation in schools, The Federal government of Dwight Eisenhower sent in the 101 Airborne Paratroopers to protect the students and force the integration of Little Rock High School.

Rutherford College is extremely honoured to be hosting Minnijean Brown, one of the original Little Rock nine, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 16 May. All History students and all Year 10 Social Studies students will have the opportunity to hear her story and the story of Professor Clarence Lusane, an international authority on Black Civil Rights.

The cost per student is $5.00 and further details will be available early next term. We will be joined by students from other schools, both near and as far away as Kerikeri, who realise that this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Date taken: 9/25/1967
Description: Minnijean Brown, 15, arriving with 8 others of the “Little Rock Nine” outside Central High School, as members of the 101st Div. of the Airborne Command, stand ready to protect them, under order of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower.
City: Little Rock
State: AK
Country: US
cr: A.Y. Owen/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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