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The 25th of April – a day of remembrance, respect and reflection. Each year, we gather together as a community to honour the heroism shown by all those who have served for our country. The prefects of Rutherford College were privileged to have the opportunity of walking in the parade alongside war veterans.

An incredibly proud moment that we will be reminded of every Anzac Day from now on. Being students, not much younger than many were when they went off to fight, it made us even more thankful for their actions all those years ago. Even though I could not come close to knowing how those young men being sent off to war felt, for me, the weight of their decision and their sacrifice had never hit home as much as it did, walking amongst war veterans in the parade.

Walking down the main street of our community, looking up to a sea of poppies and grandfathers or great grandfather’s badges earnt during the war worn with respect and pride. The meaning of ANZAC being passed on from generation to generation so that we will never forget the ultimate sacrifice that so many made for their country.

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