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Auckland Secondary Schools Ultimate Frisbee Competition

Sunday, 26 July saw Auckland’s largest-ever Ultimate Frisbee tournament take place in the Pulman Arena, Papakura.

Rutherford competed as a mixed team in the 4-a-side competition in the highest competitive division. The Rutherford team kept their spirits and motivation high – all while demonstrating great sportsmanship and sharing the Rutherford love around.

The squad of 12 players did their best throughout the tournament and thoroughly enjoyed getting into the true spirit of ultimate frisbee. The Rutherford team looks forward to competing in more competitions this year.

The teams playing at the tournament showed me that not only had each individual worked hard to develop the necessary skills, but also that they were proud of their work. By supporting each other and other schools, they were able to turn 4 losses into 4 victories by learning and having fun with each game.

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