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Auckland Writer’s Festival Trip

On Thursday, 16 May a group of students were privileged to attend the Auckland Writers Festival 2019. During the day we attended lectures by four different authors from all over the world.

In the morning we were incredibly lucky to have Australian ‘The Book Thief’ author, Markus Zusak. His session was not only entertaining but very inspiring. He taught different ways to improve our writing and shared a piece of his new book “The Messenger”. The hilarious stories he told taught us key writing techniques while still entertaining and engaging his audience. I know that we were all inspired and impressed by his success and have been motivated to improve our own writing in the future.

We also were spoken to by environmentalist Cally Black (NZ), poet Akala (UK), short story and novel author Eileen Merriman (NZ) and activist/author Renee Watson (US). Not only were we able to attend such wonderful sessions but we also had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the authors afterward and get our own books signed.

This once in a lifetime chance was such an enlightening experience and has inspired us all to read and write in the future. I know that for everyone who attended the day was not only fun but also a very useful experience to open our minds to other kinds of writing and ideas but also how we can improve our future pieces of work. We are all extremely grateful for the incredible opportunity and if anyone was wondering whether they should attend in future years, I would highly recommend it.

Thank you to Ms Westaway and Mrs Fraser from the English department for organising the day.

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