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Board of Trustees – Student Representative Election

On Wednesday, 23 September 2020 we held our annual Board of Trustees Student Representative Election.

This process follows the same one as the Triennial Parent and Staff elections however, student representatives are elected annually in September. Student trustees have equal standing, voice, accountabilities and vote as other board members, they can’t be the board chair (neither can the principal nor staff trustee). Any student enrolled full-time in Year 9 and above, and under the age of 20, is eligible to stand for election and vote for a student trustee.

This year, we had to get creative as candidates were unable to address their peers in assemblies due to COVID restrictions and timing. Instead, our five enthusiastic nominees created a video and promoted themselves with posters and through social media. The candidates should all be proud of their efforts and their pride and enthusiasm for Rutherford and their fellow students, they all ran a fantastic race.

We received a positive result on voting day with 1013 votes cast, an impressive 79% response from eligible voters.

Rutherford College Board of Trustees election Student election results

Student representative votes:

Name                                                                                                 Votes
Lily Moore                                                                                        358
Abdullah Al Farra                                                                            214
Isla Annan                                                                                         173
Andre Fa’aoso                                                                                  148
Lucinda Hill                                                                                      95
Invalid Votes                                                                                    25

I hereby declare the following duly elected:  LILY MOORE

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