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Calling all Prospective Rutherford College Board of Trustees

2019 is a year for the triennial election process for state schools in New Zealand.  As part of our Rutherford College process, we wish to gather together interested people to inform them as to the roles, responsibilities, and expectation of a trustee on the Rutherford College Board.

We invite any whanau interested to a pre-nomination Hui on Wednesday, 8 May in the staff room at 6:45 pm.

The roles and responsibilities will be outlined along with the hopes and aspirations, and the current vision and direction of the school from a board of trustee’s perspective. At this forum a number of current board of trustee members will be in attendance to answer questions. The perspective of a current parent trustee on a secondary school board will I believe be valuable for those considering taking up this opportunity and challenge.

Dates to keep in mind:

May 8th                Rutherford College Prospective Trustee’s Information Hui.

May 10th              Call for Nominations

May 24th              Nominations Close

June 7th               Election Date

14th June            Board takes office. An induction will occur this date prior to the first formal BOT Hui on Tuesday, 25 June.



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