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Camp Idol Event

Yr 9 Camp Idol

Camp Idol is an important thing for all year 9’s alike. Our peer mentors kept on reminding us. We would spend multiple tutor time periods learning and improving our dance. We were all prepared and pepped up when the day came along. Our peer mentors were constantly reminding us that Camp Idol will be remembered for all of our 5 years at college. On the day of the camp idol competition, we were all nervous.

We were competing against 4-5 classes to go to the final, so this was a big deal. Standing in front of half of all year nines is a nerve racking experience. When our class name was announced we all looked at each other wondering what to do now. We all walked up the side of the stage and we were all set and ready to go (though a little nervous). Our dance had to be perfect!

We all ran out smiling to other people, ready to do our performance. When it came to the very end of our performance we all felt proud of what we had done, as we had practised every day and it led up to that moment. When we were announced as the winners of the competition we were all very happy, none of us could believe what was happening. We ran up on stage to take our prize and to take a photo to remember this moment for years to come. We can’t wait for what’s to happen next.

With other Yr 9 classes competing on different dates and a winner in each of them, it was finally announced that we were the runners up for the 2022 Camp Idol event and what a great achievement it has been for all us in our class. It is important that we acknowledge the huge support and encouragement from our wonderful peer mentors (Vi Edwards, Jess Bonkovich, Zaynah Nabi , Amber Wong, Hayden Tan and Liam Edwards) who helped us make this event a success for us.

Daniel Peacock, 9GP

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