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Author Gareth Ward visits

During the week of 24 May, Gareth Ward, an author, magician and steampunk enthusiast, paid Rutherford a visit, and met with keen readers from Yrs. 9 and 10. He shared with us a brief description of his time in the army and talked about what gave him inspiration for his four books; The Traitor and the Thief, The Clockill and the Thief, Brasswitch and Bot and The Thaumagicians Revenge. All of which take place in a steampunk setting. Gareth Ward spoke about how he came up with his characters, and a bit more background around the setting of his books,…

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Great Show, Charlie Brown

Congratulations to the hugely talented cast and crew of Rutherford´s school production ¨You´re a Good Man, Charlie Brown''! The show opened on Thursday, 1 July with loads of laughs, song, colour and dance. The show ran four shows in total including Friday, 2 July at 7pm and Saturday, 3 July at 2pm and 7pm It's a light-hearted, joyful show guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Featuring standout performances, beautiful singing, great acting and ensemble work, the production showcases our truly talented performing arts students. There´s a wonderful variety of ages, cultures and personalities on stage, and we can all relate…


Polynesian Panther Party 50th Anniversary

Malo e lelei, Kia Orana, Ni sa Bula, Talofa Lava, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Kia Ora, Warm Pasifika greetings. On Friday, 18b June 2021, Timothy Mafi (10CH) and I had the honour of attending day 2 of the Polynesian Panther Party (PPP) 50th Anniversary held at the University of Auckland, Fale Pasifika building. For the day, we listened to Lupematasila Dr. Melani Anae, Pastor Alec Toleafoa, Tigilau Ness, Tu’ulenana (Joe) Iuli, just to name a few members from the original PPP from 1971, speak in immersive panels about the trials and tribulations they went through as Maori and Pasifika Youth. The…

Rutherford At Manu Kōrero

Rutherford at Manu Kōrero

On Friday, 11 June, Year 13 reo student Pare Kira went to rep Rutherford at the prestigious Manu Kōrero speech comps in Waiōrea. The pressure was tough; candidates had to speak eloquently for 12 minutes in te reo Māori, for the prepared speech, and eight minutes in the impromptu speech. The standard was exceptional and Pare opened the floor with great panache, giving a beautiful rendition of a waiata before talking about the deep cultural importance of moko, tying her song to Ruaumoko (deity of earthquakes, volcano, and moko) and arguing for the moko to be given the reverence it…

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Haere Tahi Pic 1
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Haere Tahi Launch

Rutherford College Community of Learning team have been developing a student championing programme, Haere Tahi, for the past two years. The 2021 launch for this exciting programme was held at the school Marae on Tuesday, 18 May. On this day, sixty students, their mentors, deans and other staff members, were invited to come along and listen to a keynote speaker, and then have the opportunity to develop their teamwork skills by working in small groups. We were fortunate to secure Aiono Manu Fa’aea, the Senior Pasifika Manager at MIT, as our speaker. She shared her words of wisdom with the…

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Senior Reo Māori trip

In early May the Year 11, 12, and 13 Reo Māori classes went up north to Waitangi for four days. The experience was amazing, beautiful, totally beautiful. The Ngāpuhi students felt very at home. We checked out ancient sites and heard stories handed down to the local people. The moss was like organic carpet in the bush. There was a wild bull roaming around the marae where we stayed, and we got to see the beloved Aunty Gail. A strong connection was forged between us and Aunty Gail's whānau at the marae. We also learnt about Waitangi, with a guided…

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Year 9 Buddhist Temple Visit – 3G4G cultural sharing

Imagine a peaceful, elegant temple. One which had beauty in and around it. This was the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple, which our year 9’s got to visit and learn about. The outside of the temple had an archway leading to the carpark, with a roundabout and a big tree in the middle of it. Then there were steps leading up to the temple, where we met our guides to help us through the temple. They brought us through the gardens, which were magnificent. Small trees and plants were laid out throughout the outside and on the ground were concrete…

Auckland Writers’ Festival 2021

Auckland Writers’ Festival 2021

The Auckland Writers’ Festival was a welcome return to the yearly queue of events Rutherford College students have the opportunity of attending. After a year of otherworldliness leading to its cancellation last year, through the ambient atmosphere it was evident that the people behind the “Writers Fest” exhaled a sigh of relief when the event could continue without the interruptions it faced last year. Rutherford College attended Day Two of the Writers Festival on Wednesday, 12 May and the day's lineup started with a pleasant surprise: New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Hate U Give’ - Angie Thomas. Due…

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Gareth Ward visit

On Monday, 24 May we had the privilege of welcoming author Gareth Ward to Rutherofrd to talk to year 9s and year 10s about his life, adventures, magic, and books. Gareth Ward, a.k.a. The Great Wardini is a magician, hypnotist, storyteller, bookseller, and author, he has written three books (number four is coming out in August). • The Traitor and the Thief • The Clockill and the Thief • The Rise of the Remarkables: Brasswitch and Bot At lunchtime, Gareth gathered in the reading room with our writers' group and answered all our questions, and gave tips and tricks on…

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