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Kayla Imrie New Zealands Olympic Kayaker

On Wednesday, 1 July Kayla Imrie New Zealand's Olympic Kayaker and ambassador, came in to speak to the Year 10 Sports Excellence Class. She passed on key messages about nutrition for sports performance. She provided valuable information on the food groups and how they help in sports performance. For example, protein is needed for muscle recovery and strength, carbohydrates provide glucose for fuel. The difference between an athlete’s diet and a regular diet is the types of foods you need to fuel your body for the task it needs to do. Kayla referred to her body and her muscles being her…

DSC 1997 (2)
DSC 1997 (2)
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Junior Council 1
Junior Council 2
Junior Council 3 (1)
DSC 1997 (2) DSC 2000 DSC 2010 DSC 2018 DSC 2031 DSC 2043 DSC 2073 DSC 2177 Junior Council 1 Junior Council 2 Junior Council 3 (1)

Junior Sports Council Leadership Day

On Tuesday, 30 June the Junior Sports council attended a Leadership day at Adventure specialities trust. On the way, I was thinking about what fun stuff we were going to do. We arrived and we met with Kyle and Tom. They took us to a room full of rock climbing walls that went all the way up to the roof, my excitement levels rose the more I looked around. Before we could start and learn how to climb, we did a trust exercise where we got into pairs, one of us was blindfolded and the other had to lead the…

Snakes And Ladders Game For Year 9s

Snakes and Ladders Game for Year 9s

Our Year 9 students have this week been playing the Rutherford version of Snakes and Ladders. This concept is something that I have been working on for a while. The game has as its core the idea that students can learn some of the Rutherford key phraseology and must do expectations and have some fun while doing it. These phrases are well worn at Rutherford.  What we have learned is that our seniors fully get it but it often takes too long for our juniors to cotton on to them. I believe this will help front-end load the learning of…

Contact Tracing Responsibility

Contact Tracing Responsibility

Following the announcement from the government that we are now in level 1, it is important to keep you updated. With the commencement of winter sports, school’s are operating under College Sport guidelines. We as a host school have certain procedures to comply with regarding contact tracing. As part of our Covid-19  public health measures, we are required to continue contact tracing for a period of 8 weeks. It is recommended that you download the Ministry of Health COVID Tracing app. There will be QR code posters for visiting people and spectators’ placed by field 1 for scanning purposes. Please…

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Special Olympics Golf

Our Tūrangawaewae students received a visit from the Regional Special Olympics Sports Coordinator Niall Thompson during Period 4 on Monday, 22 June 2020. Mr Thompson put our students through their paces with a few mini-golf drills including putting and small chip shots. Our students will have another session with Mr Thompson on Monday, 29 June 2020.

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Kayla. Kayla 1 Kayla 2

Olympic Ambassador – Kayla Imrie

On Wednesday, 24 June the Year 9 and 10 girls had the honour of having Kayla Imrie come and talk with us. Kayla Imrie is a 29-year-old kayaker from Wellington. Throughout this presentation with her we all expressed that we felt sport and staying active was important to us, seeming as we use it in our everyday lives. She spoke about how becoming the successful role model in the sporting industry was not always easy; in fact, she had many setbacks. Kayla has only been kayaking for 12 years and in those 12 years has done so many incredible things…

12 Science – Geology Field Trip To Rangitoto

12 Science – Geology Field Trip to Rangitoto

Last week, the Year 12 Science class took a trip to Rangitoto as an opportunity to visit and learn more about the place as part of one of their assessments. The trip started off with a ferry ride from downtown Auckland to Rangitoto. On the island, the class had lucked out on the weather as the worst of it was a light drizzle. Going up the volcano students got a chance to see the area they were studying along with the opportunity to stop and look at information boards with information on Rangitoto and the stages of its formation during…

Sodium 10GI
Sodium 10GI
10GI Sodium
12 Chem 2
12 Chem
Sodium 10GI 10GI Sodium 12 Chem 2 12 Chem

Chemistry Year 10 and Year 12

10 GI Are learning about atoms - the photos show sodium metal violently exploding when it is placed in water due to it producing hydrogen gas. 12 Chemistry photos show students testing a household product to confirm the presence of aldehydes by heating it with Benedict's solution over a bunsen burner.

Fastest Dragsters In The School

Fastest dragsters in the school

Two wonderful Year 9 students Rebecca Bowyer and Mapu Samasoni designed the fastest dragsters in their respective Technology classes. Students study the principles of aerodynamics and the effects of friction as they design and make their balsa wood models. The dragsters are finished and painted ready to enter two of three categories, Fastest Dragster, Show and Shine and Peoples Choice. Race day is always exciting as students select an opponent to race head to head and draw lots to find their race lane and race number. The dragsters are powered by a CO2 canister and the winning pair completed the…

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