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Child Rescue

Year 13 Geography students had a visit in early June from Stacey Mitchell, Auckland Relationship Manager of the charity Child Rescue. Students are currently studying the issue of Human Trafficking – where it happens, who is affected and what possible solutions have been proposed.

Stacey became involved with child rescue after studying human trafficking at high school and moving onto take a degree in Event Management with a view to working in fundraising.

Child Rescue works largely in Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. Here they have operatives who work undercover and help children and women escape and return to their families and villages where possible. They also run rehabilitation centres where victims can study vocational courses such as hairdressing to enable them to get a job and start a new life.

Stacey emphasised Child Rescue’s work in educating vulnerable communities, breaking the silence about the reality of sex trafficking and empowering women and girls so they are able to find alternative employment.

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