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Chinese Speech Competition 2018

On Saturday, 12 May,  year 13 student Anna Choi represented Rutherford College in the Chinese Bridge Speech Competition, Auckland Region, held at Auckland University in the company of the Chinese teacher, Ms Hsiao.

The topic of the speeches was ‘One World, One Family’. This competition has three categories; Junior, Senior and Tertiary students. Anna participated in the Non-Chinese speakers category for Senior secondary school students which involved many students over Auckland. These students are all of very high calibre in Chinese language learning.

Anna started her speech with confidence and spoke Chinese fluently. In her speech she mentioned the importance of unity, communication and the spread of different cultures and languages around the world. A special part of her performance was her singing a song. It was a very fast Chinese song and she kept up with the pace, it was very impressive. One of the requirements was to answer a question asked by the judges in Chinese. Anna’s understanding of Chinese allowed her to answer them with poise and confidence.

Anna received the 3rd prize of her category. It was Anna’s first attempt and she represented Rutherford College well with Kotuku pride. Congratulations to Anna.

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