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COL Cultural day

On Wednesday, 31 July, the Cultural Committee went to Rutherford Primary to help with their COL Day. This is a day where many schools come together and their different culture groups perform. We set up a kowhai display, which was a Maori display which students could go view. In the display, there were different Maori objects, for example, clothes, pounamu (greenstone), bags and tools to see.

In the morning, we made our way over to the primary to set things up. When the schools arrived we showed them in for a powhiri. Rutherford College and Rutherford Primary’s Kapa Haka welcomed the schools in by performing a few songs. After the Powhiri was over, we took the students to various activities so the day could begin..

The performances were on for the whole day, and people could rotate in and out of the hall to watch them. Not only was there Kapa Haka, but there were other cultural groups performing as well. For example, there was Pacifica group, the African group, the Indian group and many more.  All the groups performing did an outstanding job.

Apart from the performances, there were other activities the students could participate in. There were many games on the field, the kowhai display they could go and see, and there were different activities in a classroom. For example weaving, carving, tapa, henna and ti rakau. Sadly, the needed materials for four of the activities didn’t come, so we could only do the henna. Although there were a few setbacks, we did a pretty good job and all of us had tons of fun.

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