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College Sport Auckland Athletics Championships

CSA Auckland Athletics Championship 2022.
With the disruptions of Covid still apparent, it has meant there have been some creative ways with running events. This year College Sport Auckland have broken down the Auckland Championships into three separate dates with competitions being run at Mt Smart Stadium and AUT Millennium over a span of 2 – 3 weeks. This is to ensure races and field events can still be contested as competitively as possible without being compromised.
At this point 2 competition days have taken place and the third is this week. Day 1 we had a few athletes compete in track (200m sprints and 3000m), and in field our girls competed in High Jump and Long Jump.

Of note, Brooke Hari 10IN finished in the top 10 in the Girls Junior Long Jump. We also had Emma Tatt (14th place) and Lola Yates (18th) in this event as well.
Dylan Chapman 10MS was our only athlete that had qualified to compete in multiple events on the track (200m and 3000m).
We are now awaiting the efforts of our last five students that are competing on Day 3. I hope that their efforts in their events – 100m sprints and the Senior Boys Long Jump will be positive and demand some attention.
It is a great achievement to have some students qualify and compete in this competition. I hope that next year there will be more normality and the athletes can hear the cheers of their peers as they compete. Because of the rules in attending the events, we were not able to access the track or field to get some action photos, so we are reliant on those provided by College Sport Auckland.

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