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COLympics Event

On Wednesday, 13 November Te Atatu Intermediate, Rangeview and Rutherford College students competed in a COLympics event which was held at Rutherford College.

This event was one way to inject some excitement back into physical activity by transforming simple relay races into fun.

Students had to compete in three events: “Quiz it is”, Mockletics and CoLLabor8

The day started with “Quiz it is” where students had to answer questions on Kiwiana, Flags, Logos and Sports. This quiz was fun as well as testing the students’ knowledge.

The next challenges took place outside with Mockletics. Each school was split into boys and girls. They competed against each other in entertaining events such as shot put, long jump, discus and javelin. Some of these events took a bit of thinking to achieve the best result.

The final events were the CoLLabor8. Each team carried out different exciting relays, including baton relay, sack race, egg and spoon race and team legged race.

The finale was the tug of war competition, girls vs girls and boys vs boys. These events throughout the day got the teams working together through the challenges and having fun while trying to win the most points.

Te Atatu Intermediate girls came out top winning with the highest overall points, followed by Rutherford girls and then Rutherford boys.

All teams had great fun and we thank Te Atatu Intermediate, Rutherford College and Rangeview Intermediate students for taking part in this eventful day. As well as the Rutherford Junior Sports council to allow for the successful running of the event.

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