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Congratulations to Seth Tantingco who won Unitecs Play of the Season!

Seth was one of hundreds of players who was chosen to be a contender for Unitecs Play of the Week throughout the basketball season.

Coming out top, Seths play made it to the Play of the Season! Voting was incredibly close but Seth was successful in being one of the two winners that has won a Glory League package valued at $8000 for Rutherford College.

Glory League is dedicated to enhancing the experience for basketballers of all levels. A camera is mounted above the court. An iPad App scores the games and starts recording. Each point scored is cut into a highlight video for the player. Every player, coach, parent or supporter is emailed a link to the game video, player highlights and statistics. Videos are shared via email or social media and users relive their favourite moments again and again. This is a very exciting opportunity for all of our Basketball players here at Rutherford College and we look forward to utilizing this awesome program next year!

Once again, a huge congratulations to Seth on winning Unitecs Play of the Season!

We would like to thank Unitec and ABSL for this amazing opportunity.

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