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Cultural Awards Dinner 2018

The annual cultural awards dinner was celebrated on the 23rd of October 2018 at Rutherford College in the School hall.  This dinner was to celebrate the diverse cultural groups at Rutherford College and recognise the invaluable contributions the students have made and achievements gained throughout the year.

This year we changed the structure to make the awards where more significant, fairer and commendable. The categories were: Highly commended, Outstanding, Cultural Service and Excellence awards.  The teachers nominated students accordingly to their hard work and dedication and effort.

The cultural committee went beyond and above expectations hosting the night and making sure the evening ran as smoothly as possible.  These 14 students put in a tremendous amount of time, effort and hard work.  We had a wonderful, entertaining evening, one to be remembered by all who attended.  A huge thank you to our amazing cultural committee who have spent the entire year organising, promoting, ushering, advertising and catering all the performing arts events.

The night wouldn’t have been a success without all help I had from the Principal Gary Moore, senior management and Cultural teachers as well as the dance, music, drama department.  Not forgetting our very own Te Kotutu Kapa Haka who were absolutely amazing. A huge thank you to Kathryn Malloy, Mrs Molly Barsdell and all her hospitality students who did an absolutely incredible job with the dinner and dessert. A heartfelt thank you to our guest speakers ‘Revere 3’ who are trio music band and ex-rutherfordians.

Award Winners

Music Highly Commended
String Ensemble Hailey Stuart
Luv Music Aaliyah Cash
Junior Band Prasan Gurunathan
Studio Show 1 Annabelle London
Studio Show 2 Cainan Toki
You dance Wesley Goffin
Year 11 Production Lara Cragie
Senior Drama Production Kerryn Clegg
Cultural groups  
Indian group Shyna Murti
Samoan group Grace Phillip
Ngā Manu Kōrero speech comp. Alison Lamdin
Environmental committee Georgia Berry
Cultural Committee Leaders Jarrod Jackson
World Vision Glenna Chin
Arts and design  
Aran Rescue Design and Marketing team Oliver Williams
Robotics Junior Peter Zdravkovic
Robotics Senior Stefan Zdravkovic, Alex Lasenby, Max Pearce
School groups  
Revive Christian Group Glenna Chin
Library monitors Ysabelle Protacio 10HA
Stage technical crew Samson Wen
Student Newspaper/ Tohea Oliver Gracewood 10HA
Community groups  
Amnesty International Sienna McKeever
Animal rights Nikisha Sharma
MUNA Taya-lee Bainbridge
Philosophy lounge Joshua Dickey 13GU
SADD Katie Collis
Unicef Ysabelle Protacio
Music Outstanding
Concert band Hannah Whyte
Flute Choir Gaea Morrison & Hailey Stuart
Luv Music Maggie Li
Junior Band Alicia Casey
Senior Band Neru Metotisi
String Ensemble Maggie Li
Studio Show 1 Rachel Jeung-Mcintyre
Studio Show 2 Dinesh Epati
You dance Anna Duthie
Year 11 Production Lucas Alabastro
Senior Drama Production Truth Ngata-Aerengamate
Cultural Groups  
Indian group Rebecca Apanui
Samoan group Seth Schwalger
Ngā Manu Kōrero Speech Competition Tiare Ngata-Aerengamate
Environmental committee Nellie Venter
Cultural Committee Leaders Jennifer Cox
World Vision committee Jane Lee
Arts and Design  
Aran Rescue Design and Marketing team Ysabelle Protacio
Robotics Junior Alex Larking
School Groups  
Revive Christian Group Ethan Spackman
Stage technical crew Leon Masefield
Student Newspaper/ Tohea Amanda Lowe 10HA
Performing arts photography Faith Tan
Community Groups  
Amnesty International Hayley Whittaker
Animal rights Nikisha Sharma
MUNA Anna Choi
SADD Andrew Mom
Unicef Andre Fa’aoso
World scholars Cup Oliver Gracewood


Kapa Haka Leaders Kaitataki Wahine Nikita Clarke
Kaitataki Tane Keanu Hansen
Highy Commended
Kapa haka (Male) Te Tai Rota
Kapa haka (Female Jaya Butterworth
  Naiki Paniora
Truth Ngata-Arengamate


Cultural Service Awards—Cultural Committee

Jarrod Jackson— Cultural Captain Jennifer Cox—Cultural Captain
Nikisha Sharma—Deputy Captain Tiaki Toia—Deputy Captain
Jess Freeth Rachel Jeung-Mcintyre
Sophie Koosache Andrew Mon
Nicole Potter Joshua Shakoor
Faith Tan Samson Wen
Hannah Whyte Tsion Taye Amare

Excellence Awards

Junior Male performer: Oliver Gracewood
Concert band, Robotics Nationals, KBB Music festival, May music month, Student newspaper and Tohea and Philosophy lounge
Junior Female performer: Arielle Schwalger
Kapa Haka, Studio Show 1 and 2, Christian group, Open evening, junior sports council and exchange buddy
Senior Female performer: Jayda Butterworth
Kapa Haka, Studio Show 1 and 2, You Dance festival, Drama Production, Year 13 Dance show, Choreographed a piece for tempo dance festival.
Senior Male performer: Keanu Hanson
Kaitataki Tane Kapa Haka Leader, Kapa Haka Polyfest leader, Kapa Haka Nationals Leader.
Outstanding contribution: Jess Freeth
Cultural committee, Studio show 1 and 2, You dance festival, Year 13 dance show, Senior drama production, prefect, Kapa Haka, Open evening, Rutherford Day performer, Rangeview student mentor
Dux Artium: Tiana Maihi
Perfect, Kapa Haka, Student Council, NZQA design for Maori, Designed Koha for Rutherford day, NZQA Ringa Toi Student Art Exhibition, Kapa Haka Tutor for Freyburg Primary Designed Koha for Pita Sharples, Rangeview open day expo.
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