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Defence Careers Experience

During the April school holidays, 47 students from various schools throughout the North Island were given the opportunity to have a taster on what it would be like to join the Royal New Zealand Army. I was fortunate enough to be one of these people.

On Monday, 15 April I made my way down to the Linton Military Camp in Palmerston North, excited for the next few days. During my time there I met people from all over New Zealand that I shared many interests with, one of which being that I wanted to join the Defence Force, of course. I learned many things and got to experience so much, and the experience definitely solidified my want to go into the Defence Force when I leave school.

While I was there I got to do many different activities that we would be doing if we joined the army, from setting up camouflage nets over trucks and clearing minefields, to pushing a 2-tonne gun around and going for a ride in the back of a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), and even getting to participate in an army PT session!

I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunity that I had to go on this experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going into a career in the Defence Force!

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