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Student Representative Election 2018

Each year Rutherford holds an election to vote a student onto the Board of Trustees and the School Representative.

Nominations have been received and voting starts on Tuesday, 11 September and closes at 4pm on Friday, 14 September 2018.

Any student enrolled full time in Year 9 and above, under the age of 20, is eligible to stand for election and vote in the school election for a student representative.  Student representatives have equal standing, voice, accountabilities and vote as other board members, but they can’t be the board chair (neither can the principal nor staff trustee).  They’re not just there to be seen and not heard.

The 2018 candidates are:

Yaacoub Abou Chlih 

“Hi everyone seeing this, I am Yaacoub Abou Chlih. I am proud to be in the Kaleidoscope pack and my interests are helping out, programming and video editing/youtube stuff. I am interested in becoming a student rep because it would be my first time trying so and I would be extremely happy to be one. What I hope to learn as a student rep is to learn from you guys. I want to hear what you want and what you like. You guys should vote for me because I am pretty dank to be friends with and would be a pretty good student rep I must say.”

Josh Manning

I am a year 11 and I was on the board of trustees this year. I gained a lot of knowledge this year and I am prepared to continue to speak for the students. I did my part to represent you, the students. I wish to continue to do that in 2019, providing what you want, when you want it. Vote for me, so I can be your voice and YOU can be heard. :)

Liam Watts

I AM the representative for you! If you don’t know who I am, most people describe me as handsome, good looking, and incredibly funny. Others describe me as incredibly bald, incredibly white and not the sharpest pencil in the book case. Now to be completely honest with you, I don’t know why you should vote for me. I know that I want your vote but who’s to say that I’m a better representative than the other nominees, even though I think I am, and I think, you should think I am, what I do know is that if I was elected Student Representative I wouldn’t be able to change everything that’s wrong with the school. But I might be able to change a few things, such as the outdated uniform rules or the lack of waterproof shelters for people to ‘haaaaaang’ and maybe this is why you should vote for me. Not because I’m the strongest, most handsomest student that was ever to rome the Rutherford community, but because I will always be honest, and tell you exactly what I think (even if you don’t want me to) I won’t sugarcoat the truth or tell you that I’ll do something that I can’t do just to get your vote, maybe these are the reasons why you should vote for me. So if you think these points  are what you’re looking for in a Student Representative then vote, Liam~Dean Phillip Corrigan Watts, as you’re next Student Representative.

Oliver Gracewood

My name is Oliver Gracewood and I am a huge advocate for student voice. I don’t believe that it has as much power as it should right now and if I am elected as student representative my first priority will be to push the student voice forward and make sure we all have a say in what goes on around the school. It is our education so I want to make sure our input is registered. As I am so big on student voice, I will ensure I am listening to you, the students, and make sure that your views and priorities get through to the board. I promise that I will not just be one student on the board, but a representative of the entire student body. In order to make our voice heard, we need our board representative to represent all of us, and I feel that because of my involvement in diverse groups and activities throughout the school as well as my dedication to pushing the student voice I will be perfect for this role.

Chris Adams Elijah Gibson
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