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Dragon Boating Regatta

On Sunday 26th March, our Kapa Haka students had the opportunity to come together and participate in a team-bonding event that was both exciting and interactive, by competing in the Auckland Secondary Schools Dragon boating regatta held at Lake Pupuke.

The team arrived at the lake early in the morning, excited and a little nervous about the competition, but they were also ready to give it their best effort.

The first race of the day was against some strong Auckland teams. The Rutherford Kotukus paddled hard and fast, pushing their way ahead of the other teams. They crossed the finish line first which gave the students a surge of energy and enthusiasm for the next races.

Our school team went through several races during the course of the day. Although they narrowly missed out on a few of the initial heats, they proceeded to showcase a stunning display of teamwork and commitment in their quest to make it to the finals.

Finally, when it mattered the most, our team brought their A-game, using all available energy to propel them to 2nd place in the mixed final.

Amidst all the excitement, nothing is more vital than winning the chant competition. Our team stood out with their exceptional chant performance. The teams’ distinctive style was undeniably a highlight of the event, capturing the hearts and attention of everyone present.

It was no surprise that Rutherford Kotuku emerged victorious with a well-deserved first place in the chant competition. Their chants were unlike anything the judges had ever heard before. They were dynamic, expressive, and had a special culture that set them apart from the other teams.
Rutherford has now set a new standard for chant competition and has certainly made a name for themselves.

We would like to acknowledge the following people

  • Vanesh: our sweeper; whose guidance helped to bring out the best in every member of the team, your contribution was greatly appreciated .
  • Stacey:  Your invaluable commitment as the manager, ensuring that each of our students attended practices and providing support.
  • Jeff:  for your initial idea and vision getting this team together. Your initiative to start this team bonding with your Kapa Haka group has provided the students an opportunity to engage in this exciting sport.

To the students: congratulations for our outstanding performance that you displayed. You should be extremely proud of yourself for representing our school with such a positive attitude and sportsmanship

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