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Dragon Boating Regatta

On Sunday, 23 March 2019 following six weeks of training in the summer sun at the Auckland Viaduct, 40 Rutherford students arrived at school in the early morning darkness in order to head off to Luke Pupuke to compete in the Auckland Dragon Boating Association’s Secondary School Regatta.

It would be nice to say that the day dawned bright and clear, but unfortunately, this year we were not so lucky. As the bus crossed the Auckland Harbour Bridge just after 6.30am, the rain started. By the time we had unpacked and put up the Rutherford gazebo, it was fair to say that the Rutherford Dragons and Taniwhas were decidedly wet.

Not to be defeated, our intrepid teams performed admirably in uncooperative weather. Whilst not managing to win medals this year, we did come second in the chant competition which is always a crowd favourite event, proving that, once again, Rutherford students know how to perform for a crowd. We held our own in the impromptu haka off that occurred at the end of the chant competition, with “Tohea, Tohea” ringing out loud and clear.

We would like to sincerely thank our coaches and sweeps, Vinesh and Jean, who have volunteered numerous hours (as well as buns and muffins) over the years to ensure Rutherford can compete in this sport.

If you are thinking about trying a fun team sport, even if you have never considered yourself to be particularly sporty, keep an eye on the notices towards the end of this year or the start of 2020 and give Dragon Boating a go.

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