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Drama Production – Bare

Over the past 2 months, the year 12 and 13 drama students have been working on their rendition of Toa Fraser’s play ‘Bare’. The play was based around characters that many kiwis would able to link to themselves or other people they know. The performances were in the dance room this year which was a change of scenery and a fun challenge for both the students and the director, Miss Wilson.

Each student was assigned a character and was challenged with creating a convincing and interesting representation. Some of the characters ranged from a frazzled academic woman to a young man who seemed to only work at the movies but was on his own personal journey of love.  The play tackled some very serious topics in a manner that was respectful whilst still not taking itself too seriously. One student enjoyed her experience playing someone so carefree and funny. Another student thought it was interesting to explore topics that are very relevant to New Zealand and today’s world in general.

The opening night left many people surprised with the use of improv whilst audience members walked in and found their seats. This was a new challenge for the drama students as many had to stay in character while their friends and family entered. Following the opening nights, the students remained to impress their audience for the next two shows. Overall the cast worked very hard to create a show that was topical and engaging and pulled it off.

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