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Rutherford College warmly welcomes International Students from around the Globe.

Students enjoy New Zealand’s friendly people, natural beauty and world-renown education system. Rutherford College provides the educational excellence and pastoral support that International Students and their families seek in New Zealand.

We have delivered a very successful academic, artistic, sporting and cultural programme for International Students since 1999. Our International Team of highly experienced educators is dedicated to our students’ wellbeing and academic success. ​​​​​​​Many of our International Students gain entry to Universities or Tertiary Institutes in New Zealand and overseas. ​​​​​​​Rutherford College is located in a residential coastal area of west Auckland only 15 minutes from downtown Auckland city.

​​​​​​​West Auckland is known for its spectacular surf beaches and bush walks. It also has many sports facilities, parks, cafes and shopping centres.

Comprehensive Academic Opportunities

  • English and English Second Language (ESL) – also see below.
  • Mathematics – Calculus, Statistics
  • Science – General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • Social Sciences – Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Financial Literacy, Classical Studies, History,        Geography, Travel and Tourism
  • The Arts – Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Art History, Design, Photography
  • Technology – Digital Technology, Computer Applications and Programming, Technology Information and Media,   Graphics, Early Childhood Education, Hospitality, Technology Product
  • Design in Building, Electronics, Fashion,   Food, and Engineering
  • Physical Education, Health and Recreation, Outdoor Education.

Rutherford’s multi-level course structure for senior students provides individualised learning programmes enabling students to achieve success and attain their academic goals.

Programmes can be tailored for students’ studies to be credited to their education programme on their return home.

Many of our International students gain entry to Universities or Tertiary Institutes in New Zealand and overseas.

Click here to download the Course Progression table

Rutherford has a comprehensive ESL support programme that provides English tuition in five levels from Foundation to Academic English.

Our ESL programmes significantly increase International Students’ mastery of English language skills and enhances their academic progress and opportunities in New Zealand.

International Students are assessed on arrival and placed at the appropriate ESL level that meets their individual needs and academic goals.


Our International Team of highly experienced educators is dedicated to our students’ wellbeing, academic success and progressive maturity as young adults.

We are:

  • International Student Coordinator, Jacelyn Gowen
  • Head of Department ESL, Ana Gerzic
  • ESL Teacher, Julie Sibthorpe

Our International Team provides encouraging, comprehensive and effective academic mentoring to International Students.

We offer a pathway to enable students to attain their academic goals and prepare for their Tertiary studies.

After-school Tutorials are also offered in several subjects to enhance students’ study programmes and academic progress.​​​

Academic Progress and Assessment Reports are issued throughout the year to provide academic feedback to the students and their families.

Additionally, at the end of long-term students’ tenures we issue them with Graduation Certificates. These state the student’s tenure, attendance and subjects studied, and describe their academic, artistic and extra-curricular achievements and conduct whilst at Rutherford. Short-term students are issued with less detailed Certificates.

The long-term students’ Graduation Certificates are valuable for their return to their home country – forming part of their academic portfolio for their future tertiary and/or vocational endeavours.

Maori Heritage

Rutherford College is proud to share aspects of our Maori heritage with International Students.

Visiting student groups are warmly welcomed onto our Marae and are involved in learning Maori performing arts and cultural crafts.

Performing Arts

Rutherford College offers a range of artistic performing arts including drama, dance, choir, classical and rock music – all of which put on live performances.

International Student Sophie said, “My dance class was extraordinary and a great opportunity to meet lovely friends.”


Rutherford College offers over 25 different sports including archery, basketball, football, hockey, orienteering, rowing, rugby, softball, tennis and volleyball.

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