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Every Student Deserves A Warm And Demanding Adult

Communication is Oxygen

Focus on good, next-steps advice to students and stress What’s Important Now (W.I.N) on the completion of assessments and hitting deadlines and personal well being.

As teachers it is okay that we want our students to like us. They should like us because we display genuine interest in their lives, their interests, their frustration and their progress in learning how to be.

We want to walk into our learning environments with confidence. We can do this by being prepared and organised. This creates the mental space to listen to what students say, in both words and body language. This allows us the mental space to be warm and demanding.

At Rutherford we value little acts of human kindness. We do this by showing care for individuals and building relational trust accounts, built on teaching in the moment and being responsive to each student and their needs.

So this week as individual teachers, what can you do to enhance relational trust through meaningful and thoughtful feedback conversations for those who you know need it the most, at this moment in time?

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