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Farewell and thank you all for your contribution to the Rutherford Community

At Rutherford we say please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. This article is to thank those staff who are moving on but throughout their time and Rutherford have helped students to pack their parachutes.

The following staff members will leave our school at the end of the 2018 academic year.

To our Sports Coordinator of the last 15 months Jill Edgar, thank you for the wonderful contribution you have made. You have brought energy, humour and made such a big difference in such a short time.

To Charmaine Mailley. Our thanks for the time, patience and care that you have demonstrated in working with our high needs students. Your daily work has made a difference.

To Kimberly Bethell thank you for the positivity you have brought to the various administration roles and we look forward to seeing you return to our staff when you are ready after welcoming a baby in to the world. Your kindness and care have made a difference to all you have come into contact with.

To the wonderful Grace Luong who has been a wonderful part of our school for in excess of 20 years. Your contribution in the International department has been significant and your kind, thoughtful manner will be greatly missed.

To our teaching staff moving on;

To Greg Chalmers who has been the head of Turungawaewae for most of 2018. Thank you for your care, kindness and professionalism on a daily basis.

Thanks to Rory Carroll- Maher, best wishes with your OE, travel safely and enjoy the experience Rory. You will be missed.

To Miss Gabby Mackenzie, you have developed quickly into an outstanding teacher and I hope that after trying your hand at an alternative career you return to teaching.

To Miss Emma O’Flynn,  best wishes for your wedding and travel safely, thank you for your contribution to Rutherford to date and the value added to our Science Faculty and then get yourself back here please.

To Mr Chad Davenport our wonderful concert band maestro thanks you for the way you have energised this area of the school and in the wider community. We wish you well as you take on increased pastoral roles. I will keep asking you when we can tempt you back.

Best wishes to Mr Silby who goes on refreshment leave next year to take up a different work challenge.

To Mrs Malloy, best wishes as you start a new challenge in the world of education, educating and supporting troubled youth to get their lives back on track.  You teaching space has been a haven for a few teachers and certainly a significant number of students who knew they could come to you and be valued and cared for.

To Mrs Barsdell, thank you for your 14 years of service in the Food, Hospitality and Fabrics Technology area of the school. A big chunk of your life has been given to the Rutherford Community. Best wishes for your new challenge.

To Mr Carl Gibbons, a huge thank you for what you have contributed to Rutherford College and the Senior Leadership Team over the past 6 years. Your care, integrity and how you have role modelled the desire to learn and improve is amazing. From a personal perspective I have known Mr Gibbons since he was 15 as I taught him accounting and also coached him in football. The values, passion and work ethic he displayed on a daily basis as a young man are still inherently who he is today.

So on to Mr Thompson, Thommo or Mr Rutherford who is not leaving but who this year completes 40 years of service at Rutherford. A wonderful human being and a genuine icon not just for the length of service but the depth of that service. His puts 100% enthusiasm, energy and commitment to all areas of the school.

He has been firstly a great teacher in Tech Drawing and then when it got flash Graphics and Design, teaching successful scholarship candidates. He has been 1st XV coach, the hockey manager, the touch coach, he will always be remembered by those involved in the school productions as the glue behind the scenes. So Mark you get your first Kotuku badge after 40 years. Academic Blue, Sporting Blue, Cultural Blue and most importantly Citizenship blue because you embody the very values that we want all our students to aspire to. Nga mihi matua.

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