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FiaFia Night

On the 13th of March 2018 Rutherford College held a FiaFia Night in the school hall.  FiaFia Night was a night of Rutherford’s diversity, presenting it’s take on the variety of dances from around the world. Our groups this year were Indian Dance, Samoan Dance and the Kapa Haka team.

FiaFia night had such an amazing outcome as the groups did an incredible job in their performances mesmerising the audience by their dancing and singing.  It was quite moving to witness the families cheering the performers on, you could feel the love and support radiating off the audience into the performers.

Leading up to the performance the groups have been practising for several weeks to prepare for the thrill of performing at both FiaFia night and then finally at Polyfest. With these groups working late into the night doing dance rehearsals, it was no surprise that the whanau and community was ecstatic and ready to jump out of their seats and join in. It was pleasing to see all the diversity and sense of community not just between the performers, but their whanau as well.

Rutherford’s cultural department would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our staff for all their time, talents and commitment.  A huge thank you to each student involved for their hard work and dedication which made the night such a success.  Rutherford College was blessed to have such a great and supportive community attend this special evening.  All staff and students involved were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement during the night.

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