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FiaFia Reunion Celebration

Rutherford college has an impressive range of cultural groups. Amongst them are the five groups that performed at our school’s 60th-anniversary reunion on Saturday, 10 April.

The performance began with Kapa Haka showing their new program, at the end of their powerful performance they concluded by inviting our ex-students supporters to perform the school songs with them which was both beautiful and emotional to watch as generations of Rutherford students moved in sync.

The African dance group gave a very lively performance full of colour, the Samoan group gave a softer performance of beautifully synchronized movements while the Tuvaluan group gave a graceful performance celebrating the strength of Pacifica women. Our Indian dance group although smaller this year but no less impressive showed us their fast-paced program keeping to the beat of their music.

All the groups showed us the incredible results of their hard work, it is always a privilege to see something people have clearly poured their hearts into. The spectators and performers looked great and enjoyed a couple of hours spent in the sports hall amongst the pouring rain and thunder, they applauded with smiling faces for our amazing cultural groups. The hall was filled with visitors, mostly students past, present, and future, and apart from the applause and praise for the performing groups there was the sound of returning students commenting on how the school has changed and reconnecting with their old friends.

Overall the performances were, in one word, amazing! Surpassing even the already high expectations placed onto them.

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