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Front Gate and Drive

This year we have an increased focus around making the main entrance to the school a safe environment for both our students and vehicle users.
Our first initiative in term 1 to restrict access into and out of the grounds before and after school, has been effective.
Thank you to parents for adjusting your drop off and pick up routines.
At the end of the school day, the drive is generally opened up for usual usage within 7 to 8 minutes of the final bell.
A further development took place during the April holidays where the vegetation along the driveway was cleared creating a clear line of vision along the length of the drive.
New 5km speed signs have been erected indicating the accepted speed within the school environment.
The repainting of the lines adds to the clarity of lane of usage and a short dotted line at the junction of the main drive and the drive to the lower fields was added to try and prevent incoming vehicles cutting the corner.
Pedestrian crossings have created a clear safe passage for students to cross over these main access ways.
Along with these physical changes, at assemblies we are emphasising to students their responsibilities of road safety and their roles in creating and maintaining a safe environment not only in and around the main gate but at all times.
Further refinements are planned with more signage indicating a ‘Shared Zone’ around the main gate and adjustments to the access road to the lower fields.

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