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Get 2 Go Challenge

On Tuesday, 2 April William Hempleman, Josh Manning, Sam Oram, and Tilak Patel got together along with their bikes, compass, and survival pack and got our coordinates to head to Mangere Bridge. This was all part of the Get 2 Go challenge run through Hillary Outdoors.

The team of four started their day with a briefing about what to expect for their 3-hour challenge. They were provided with a map and sent on their way with the bikes. As a team, they had to work together using the map to find as many marked checkpoints throughout the Mangere Bridge area.

When this first challenge was completed as fast as possible they then returned for their next map with more checkpoints and two mystery challenges. The mystery challenges involved teamwork, communication, and knowledge to earn them points. By the end of the three hours, it was a race back to the finish line so they wouldn’t lose any points.

The Rutherford team really enjoyed the day and carried out great teamwork.

They finished with 570 points and they were up against some tough competition.

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