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Get2Go Challenge

Thursday 28 July saw a couple of teams from Rutherford compete in the annual Get2Go Challenge, a competition for our junior students. The weather for the day was not as bad as expected, but the damage had already been done from the changeable weather throughout the week to make the events of the day a little more demanding and to some degree more fun.
Our students headed off to compete in this multi-discipline event – Paddle boarding, Mountain biking and Orienteering. Each task is held at a different destination around Auckland, so it kept our students on their toes, whilst travelling from one task to the next.
The event requires teams of six to eight to use paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking, and map reading skills, along with fitness, and communication / team skills to compete and complete various tasks throughout the day. Our teams started the day paddle boarding and kayaking in the Onehunga Lagoon, and then ventured around an undulating mountain biking course at Arch Hill in Western Springs. They finished the day running around the fields of Cornwall Park searching for controls as part of the Orienteering course.
Our teams had varying degrees of success within each group, and as teams against the other 22 teams participating on the day. Nevertheless, throughout each component of the day fun and laughter were evident from all the teams.
Thanks you to Mr Nathan Matai’a for assisting with this group. I am sure some of the students surprised themselves with what they could achieve when putting an effort together.
Look forward to taking another lot of Year 9 students to this event next year.

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