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Impressive Academic Results from High Achievers of 2021

Impressive Academic Results from High Achievers of 2021

Despite a difficult year, some of Rutherford’s high achievers have taken on big academic challenges and managed to secure impressive results in a range of opportunities.These include:

University Papers studied and passed across the universities of Auckland, Waikato and Canterbury thanks to STAR funding, including Accelerated Maths – congratulations to Sean Park with A+ from University of Canterbury (actually top in the year with 99%) and also from Waikato, and to Oliver Gracewood and Tony Schaufelberger both with A+ from University of Auckland. Amanda Lowe also did well in the Auckland course and Tony completed a second paper from Canterbury.

Eddie Schaufelberger excelled at Linguistics at Auckland with an A+ result as our first student to try this one and Petar Zdravkovic enjoyed the new paper on Human Development at Waikato.
These courses are a great opportunity for our top year 13 students to experience tertiary study from school, with a group of our current year 12 students enrolling in a different range of subjects for 2022, including Politics, Communications and Computer programming so far, with applications still coming in.

University of Otago Senior Science Competition – a group of 15 students signed up for this challenge with Chris Adams and Luca Boyack both receiving Highly Commended certificates, for those just outside the cash prizes for the top 3 but still a great achievement. Maia Parker and Tony Luu just missed out on these by one point too.

ICAS English, Maths and Science Competitions were plagued by postponements this year over the lockdown period but we did manage to get some of those entered to complete these just last week. Results may be some time!

University of Canterbury Kiwi Competitions in Maths, English and Science – this is a difficult challenge undertaken by a handful of junior students, congratulations to Charlie Isaacs-Adshead for our first Excellence grade in Maths.

We also entered the Australasian Science competition for the first time this year and were pleased with impressive Distinction awards for both Zachary Petley and Lui Joe and Credit certificates (top 1/3) for 5 others.

Unfortunately, our group of 5 through to the regional finals of the Spelling Bee were denied the chance to progress due to lockdowns and the Wellington final, postponed as long as possible went ahead last week without Auckland representation.

Thanks to all who took up the challenge of these!

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