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Impressive Results from our Top Scholars

University of Auckland Young Scholars’ Programme

Every year a group of top Rutherford Year 13 students take on the challenge of a university paper funded by the STAR programme, and 2018’s first semester saw five Rutherford students complete these with impressive results.

Reuben He, Anna Choi and Daniel Quach took Accelerated Mathematics, with all three gaining excellent grades – an amazing A+ for Reuben and A for Anna and Daniel.
Meg Nowak studied a Level 2 Computer Programming paper, bypassing the usual Level 1 and gaining an A grade, and Sanskruti Patel took on the heavy workload of a Psychology paper achieving a B+ grade overall. All five students agreed that the work was challenging, but well worth the effort and that they had gained a good insight into what life at university will be like. We congratulate these five students on their success!

ICAS Digital Technologies and ICAS Science Competitions

Each year, our top students also pit their skills against the top students of Australasia in the series of one hour ICAS examinations. We congratulate the following for particularly impressive results.

ICAS Digital Technologies Competition

Distinction awards for the top 10% to three of our Year 10 students

Petar Zdravkovic  – top 5% overall
Edwin Schaufelberger
Tony Schaufelberger

ICAS Science Competition

High Distinction – top 1% award

Edwin Schaufelberger (Year 10)
Tamati Hohepa (Year 11)

Distinction awards

Tilak Patel (Year 11)
Josh Manning (Year 11)
Luke Huang (Year 11)

We will have some more to share later with the Canterbury university competitions and ICAS Maths and English.

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