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Indian Group

On Friday, 22 March, the school gathered together on the field to view the Indian Dance Performance for this year’s Polyfest.

The Polyfest was cancelled after the recent shootings in Christchurch. To embrace our diversity instead of mourning its causes, The Indian, African, and Kapa Haka dance groups performed what they would have.

The Polyfest diversity stage had a theme this year of the ocean. The music danced to, comes from Tamil Nadu in the southern shores of India, and from Maharashtra in the western shores. Their sparkling aquamarine dupatta scarves, and a long fabric used as a wave, gave the set imagery of the foreign tides of India.

Oceans surround India, and the Koli folks’ lives unfold their love of, and deep relationship with the waters. Their families, their lives, their fishing boats, their survival are woven with the ocean.

This dance unfolds the lives of people in whose veins the oceans run. The steps lead us through their existence, their joy and sadness, their losses and celebrations. The thread of leadership runs through the lives of the fisher folk as they lead their communities into new challenges and overcome them.

Each individual dancer had expressed their part in emotion and skill, this made the group performance constantly engaging to view. It is important that we keep our diversity vibrant and flourishing because it is the jewel flower in our garden.

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