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To Enrol at Rutherford College:

  1. Download, complete and sign the Application for Enrolment Form.
  2. Read the ‘Fee Structure and Refunds Policies’.
  3. Read the ‘Important Pre-departure Information’ sheets.
  4. Photocopy the front page of the student’s Passport.
  5. Provide a certified copy (in English) of the student’s latest school report and a testimonial or character reference.
  6. Complete and sign the ‘Student Homestay Application’ form – unless the student’s parents request a designated caregiver.
  7. If a designated caregiver is requested, complete and sign the ‘Designated Caregiver’ form.
  8. Give or email all the above completed documents to Mrs Fiona Bridges, Director of International Students, International Village, Rutherford College. Email address: [email protected]


The enrolment application will be assessed by Rutherford College and the student will be selected depending on:

  • the availability of a place in the school
  • the student’s latest school report
  • their testimonial or character reference.

Successful Application

  1. When the student is selected, Rutherford College will send back an Offer of Place and Invoice.
  2. When Rutherford College receives payment, a Confirmation Receipt and an Updated Offer of Place will be sent back.
  3. On receiving the Confirmation Receipt and Updated Offer of Place, long-term applicants can apply for a Student Visa from Immigration New Zealand. Short-term students obtain a Three-Month Visitor Visa on arrival in New Zealand.

Rutherford Uniform

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