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International Womans Day

Rutherford College students attended the Young Women’s Focus Group Hui that was hosted at the Henderson Council Chambers for International Women’s Day.

The students engaged in thoughtful conversations and all contributed to the overall feedback. Valuable insights were gained into what students see as positive aspects of sport and physical activities within schools as well as perceived barriers that they need to overcome.

Here is Abby’s view on the day:
One of the top reasons why women don’t compete in sport in secondary schools is their fear of being judged by others based on their appearance and their ability in their chosen sport.

This was one of the points that was made at the Sport Waitakere International Women’s day event that I attended with Fiona Blaser on Friday, 8th of March. Rutherford along with four others schools came together to discuss and plan ways that will help their school encourage girls to get involved with physical activity.

It was an eye opening day where we were able to share our experiences and come together as leaders to create change.

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